Darkglass Vintage Ultra Pedal w/ Aux Input

Darkglass Vintage Ultra Pedal w/ Aux Input

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This 2-channel Preamp Pedal Could Replace Your Amp

Now in its second generation, the Darkglass Vintage Ultra V2 bass preamp pedal delivers even more sonic options for live and studio applications. In response to player requests, this edition features a separate switch for the overdrive section, allowing you to toggle it without altering your other settings. Each mid control now features a 3-way toggle switch for a total of six different mid-emphasis settings. There's a Master volume control to manage your overall signal better, plus a dedicated headphone output, aux in, and balanced audio out for flexible connectivity. Complete with a switchable impulse-response cabinet emulation for lifelike direct tone, the Darkglass Vintage Ultra V2 bass preamp pedal is a one-stop shop for great bass tone.


Everything you need for hefty bass tone

Darkglass Electronics considers the Vintage Ultra V2 bass preamp pedal to be the best they've made to date. It's a portable bass preamp that offers two core tones: a massive clean sound and a vibrantly saturated sound. You can leave your amplifier and cabinet at home, plug the Vintage Ultra V2 preamp pedal directly into the sound system, and enjoy huge bass tone with ample sound-shaping capabilities. Gigging bass players at Sweetwater agree — the Darkglass Vintage Ultra V2 bass preamp pedal will serve you well onstage.

Darkglass Vintage Ultra V2 Bass Preamp Pedal Features:

  • 2-channel bass preamp pedal
  • Dedicated footswitch for distortion
  • Master volume control for optimizing overall signal level
  • Mid controls feature 3-way switches for frequency control
  • Covers the sonic range from huge cleans to heavy saturation
  • Blend knob mixes clean and saturated sections together for extra harmonics with clean fundamentals
  • Headphone output for personal practice sessions
  • Aux in for playing along to an external music player (can only be used with headphone out)
  • Balanced direct output for connecting to soundboards or recording devices
  • Switchable impulse-response cabinet emulation for amp-like direct tones
  • Micro-USB port connects to your PC or Mac to load different virtual cabinets
  • Unbalanced output for connecting to bass amplifiers
  • Attack switch controls the amount of high-frequency signal to be saturated
  • Grunt switch controls the amount of low-frequency signal to be saturated