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2117 W Sunset Blvd LA, CA 90026 (213)908-5133 Wed-Sun 11-7pm
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Dunn Effects Distortion

Dunn Effects Distortion

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Lightly used.

A high gain distortion, designed to hit the searing, clipped gain levels of some of the more well known high gain amps. This unit was built exclusively to create a virtual lead channel for clean amps, or boost the gain input into a crunch signal to create full metal tones. Scoop the mids for thrash tones; boost the mids and lows for punishing death metal; roll back the gain for more classic rock.

This circuit was designed around a pair of dual op amp's to create the distortion signal, and then hard clipped and finally sent through a tone stack that emulates the EQ response of an amplifier. (A departure from the original DE1984 which was JFET based.) The toggle switch allows a mode change from Rhythm, which is more mid-crunch focused, to Lead, which has higher trebele and gain, and a slight volume increase.

Top row: High, Mid, Low (EQ settings)
Bottom row: Volume, Gain
Toggle: lead (up), rhythm (down)
Internal trim pot: Presence

Top loaded inputs
Bright red indicator LED
True bypass wiring
Standard 2.1mm 9V DC power jack with negative center pin