SNKpedals Eliminator Drive

SNKpedals Eliminator Drive

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The Eliminator Drive is based on the Expandora drive made popular by bands like ZZtop.

The unique topology uses the output of the first gain stage to control an optocoupler which in turn controls the minimum gain of the second gain stage resulting in a very touch sensative dynamic drive.
Both gain stages utilize the OP07(modern r*t) IC.

Level - controls overall output
Tone - controls the brightness of the circuit
Gain - controls the gain of the first gain stage
1 & 2 switches - sets the maximum gain for the second gain stage and the modes are as follows:
1 down 2 down > drive
1 up 2 down > overdrive
1 down 2 up > distortion
1 up 2 up > Forbidden FUZZ

All housed in a raw 125B enclosure with a pcb substrate faceplate. Soft touch relay bypass.

Standard center-negative power supply, accepts 9V.